Life Coaching with Gail

Maintaining your right weight may be a battle you can’t fight alone.

Some people who have gone through weight-loss surgery can benefit from the services of a coach, like me.

I can provide support and encouragement to help you succeed. I believe that each person, with a little guidance, is smart enough and strong enough to face the physical and psychological challenges of achieving and maintaining the right weight.

I can help you get on track and stay on track. How? By asking questions, listening, observing your emotional reactions, and helping you develop and use your skills and creativity to reach your goals. I can help you discover what will work for you, now and for life.

You can improve your life through coaching …

  • If you are trying to decide whether or not to have weight-loss surgery.
  • If you have recently undergone weight-loss surgery and want coaching so you can make the most of the opportunities the surgery gives you.
  • If you feel challenged or even overwhelmed by the lifestyle changes you are making.
  • If you did well after your weight-loss, but now find yourself slipping back into your old habits.
  • If you are constantly undermining your efforts to make the changes necessary to maintain your weight loss.
  • If you are struggling to get back on track, to return to doing the things that will improve your life.
  • If you are facing major changes and decisions in your life and these are affecting your eating.
  • If the weight loss or WLS has resulted in such large changes that you are questioning who you are, what you want, and where you are going.

How Are the Sessions Conducted?

I make it convenient for you to benefit from coaching no matter where you are. I do all coaching by phone, except in special circumstances. (I coach groups through conference calls.)

You and I agree on a time each week for you to call. During the session, you and I discuss what is going well for you and how to leverage your successes, what has been challenging for you, and any questions you may have. You may also contact me by e-mail between scheduled sessions to report on your progress or ask questions.

If you’d like more information about individual or group coaching, please contact me. See below.