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Guide to being Social - the four tabs correspond to the four widgets on the right side of this page. The widgets are 'live' and you can follow along by trying them out from here if you like.

The first widget to the right is titled “Sharing FNM Lifestyle on the web.” The buttons showing in the widget correspond to: Facebook; Twitter; Email; Print; and all others. Moving your mouse over the last button and hovering will bring up a floating panel which contains many more buttons. In fact, you can share with over 300 different web services. Clicking on <More> in the first panel that displays will bring up the full panel with a search field on the top. Looks like the picture on the left.

It’s reasonable to assume that you will find what you are looking for in this panel.

Normally you may just be looking to choose from the more popular options like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, Google +, etc.

In that case, clicking on any of those buttons will take you to a page where you can follow the directions and complete your ‘sharing.’

The second widget on the right is titled “Use RSS reader or follow Gail on your favorite Social Network.” It is used for two distinctly different type of activities.

First Option: Just below the title are six buttons. The first one is your RSS button. If you use an RSS reader (we recommend Google reader if you have a Gmail account), you can click on this and then copy the URL that will show up in your Address bar and paste that into your reader. This will subscribe you to the FNM RSS feed and you will automatically receive updates about content being published on the site (an option for receiving updates via email is covered in the 4th tab, Subscriber Benefits).

Second Options: The other five buttons (L to R: Twitter/Facebook/YouTube/LinkedIn/Google+) will open a new page and you can follow directions from there. Essentially the buttons allow you to follow Gail on any of these other social networks.

The third and last widget on the right is what we call a “Social Login.” This is not just to share or follow, but instead these buttons allow you to use your existing account from any of the services listed here in order to login to FNM Lifestyle. You will only use ONE of these to login. The first time you use this feature, select which service most closely matches your use of the web. From left to right, you can select: Facebook; Twitter; Google; LinkedIn; Yahoo; WordPress.

This is a two step process. First you login in. Second you grant the web service authority to log you in to the FNM Lifestyle site.

See the two pictures: The process of using Google to log you in is displayed.

Note: if you are already logged in to FNM, these buttons disappear. When not logged in, they can appear in various places on the site that require a login, such as writing comments to a post. You can Logout/Login at anytime using the top menu.

Three benefits to being a subscriber: Commenting, Email subscription, Favorites

The first is found on the User Dashboard under your profile. You can get there by clicking on the link <profile> on the right under “Subscribe to Receive new blog posts.” (hint: look for <Subscribe2>)

Use this for subscribing to the blog for regular email updates. Each time a new post is added, you are emailed.

Second, you can use the favorites option in order to keep track of your own favorite articles on the site. The screenshots and below illustrate these options.