About the book

Anyone can lose weight, but the biggest challenge following weight loss of any kind, especially dramatic weight loss, is to be fat no more. Not everyone going through weight loss surgery achieves this illusive goal.

Fat No More: Long-Term Success Following Weight-Loss Surgery is based on my own journey through weight-loss surgery, the lifestyle changes it required, and the struggle to achieve ongoing success at keeping the weight off.

In sharing my personal experiences, I also cover principals that can help anyone lose weight and keep it off whether you have had weight loss surgery (WLS) or not. In Fat No More I present these principles and provide motivation in a way that I wish someone had done for me, like a good friend sharing her experiences and knowledge, understanding my concerns, and providing support.

The book is based on a journal I kept during my journey. Excerpts from this journal became a monthly column in a local women’s magazine and brought an enthusiastic response from a wide range of people. The journal entries and the commentaries that accompany them make very important points about the process of going from fat to fit and the necessary changes for succeeding.

The book explains important medical information and gives guidance for those considering the surgery. It gives a clear and honest perspective on what lies ahead following the surgery. The emphasis is on being prepared physically and emotionally right from the start to help you achieve long term success.

The book also strives to provide information and inspiration to those who are struggling to maintain their weight loss years after the surgery.

Although each of us who undergoes weight loss surgery will undertake a different journey because we are each unique, many of you will experience the fear that overwhelmed me for a long time. I was afraid that after going through the surgery and losing the weight, I would gain it all back like every other time I lost weight. It took me several years, a lot of work and numerous hours of life coaching to put that fear aside.

You may be looking for information that will help you make the decision about WLS, or tools to lose weight without surgery, or inspiration to help keep weight off. There is something here for all of you. The goal of this book is to inform, inspire, guide, and cheer you on and even entertain you whatever your weight loss goals are.