About the authors

Gail Smiling Gail Engebretson struggled with her weight and the issues surrounding this from early childhood. By age 50 she weighed 330 pounds and began having medical problems due to obesity. She explored hundreds of diets through the years but could never keep the weight off. She took the big step of having gastric bypass surgery on March 21, 2004 and within 18 months had lost 170 pounds.

Her bigger challenge has been keeping the weight off — a challenge for all weight-loss surgery patients. She has been succeeding through educating herself on the effects of weight-loss surgery, dramatically changing her lifestyle and receiving life coaching and support. She has become more confident, outgoing, and active, spending much of her free time enjoying biking, hiking, tennis, kayaking, dancing, pilates and swimming.

Gail has been teaching violin for over 40 years. She has also written articles for local newspapers and magazines. When she was deciding on weight-loss surgery, a regional magazine invited her to write a series of articles on her experiences with weight-loss surgery. Those articles became the heart of Fat No More.

Gail has mentored people considering weight-loss surgery through the UW Health Bariatric Surgery Program in Madison, Wisconsin. She has provided inspiration and mentoring both to individuals and to groups across the United States. She is using that experience, coupled with training from the Coaches Training Institute to provide coaching for WLS patients to help them make the most of their new lives. She has also coached motivated individuals seeking weight loss or weight management through non-surgical solutions.

Robert Magnan is an editor and the author of books in higher education, business, and other areas. He specializes as a book doctor and advisor. Bob started out as an editor on Fat No More but quickly became engrossed in the subject of weight loss surgery and Gail’s mission to provide signature book on the subject. He began to research and add his own sections to the book. Bob became a major driving force in pushing this project to completion.