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Chapter 1. So You’ve Made the Big Decision
Chapter 2. Preparation, Surgery, and Recovery
Chapter 3. Power in Protein — and a Few Restrictions
Chapter 4. Build Those Fat-Burning Muscles
Chapter 5. Food on the Go
Chapter 6. Don’t Let the Scale Rule Your Life
Chapter 7. Fluids — To Drink or Not to Drink: What, When, How, and Why
Chapter 8. Raging Hormones
Chapter 9. Sweet Stuff and Other Cravings
Chapter 10. Freaking Out
Chapter 11. Have Fun Burning Those Calories!
Chapter 12. Take Your ABCs
Chapter 13. Under the Knife Again
Chapter 14. Problems with Your Body May Be in Your Head
Chapter 15. Relationships
Chapter 16. Enjoy Your New Life, Fat No More

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About the Book

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I’ve gone back and forth concerning telling people about my decision to have surgery. I decided that sharing and support are good. My husband is very supportive, which is great, because I’ll have to rely on him a lot. My sister is torn between being excited for me and being scared. I can understand that too. I’d feel the same way if things were turned around.

7/11/04: My New Life, day 110

I did it — I didn’t get on the scale for ten days and managed to take my focus off the numbers again. I lost six more pounds in the last ten days!

8/1/04: My New Life, day 131

The really tough part about going through an emotional low is that I don’t have my old buddy, food, to help get me through. I’ve always used food, especially chocolate, as a salve for the soul. I don’t have that option anymore and I had to work through the emotions without my crutch. Anyone battling an addiction knows what that’s like. I’m sure it’s a healthy process for me, but it’s still no fun.

8/23/04: My New Life, day 153

Today, on the five-month anniversary of my surgery, I did something I never dreamt I’d be able to do. I hiked up Connecticut’s highest peak, Bear Mountain, elevation 2330 ft.!

10/1/04: My New Life, day 192

100 pounds gone as of today!! I can’t quite take it in. When I started this program last March, I hoped for this day — couldn’t wait for this day, but deep inside, never thought this day would come.

1/18/05: My New Life, day 301

I did so well with my food over the holidays that I fell into an old trap. I’ve been rewarding myself by letting up just a little. Whoa! Not a good idea. I’ve got to get past this idea that food is a reward. In fact, I need to take some of my attention off food entirely. I do better when I can keep my mind busy, not spend my day planning what I’m going to cook and eat.

4/26/05: My New Life, day 399

I have an appointment tomorrow with a plastic surgeon. I want to get rid of this extra skin. Yet, I don’t feel ready to move ahead because I don’t think of myself as “done” or thin yet. But will I ever feel “done” or thin? If I wait for that, I could be waiting forever. It’s time to at least check it out.

10/30/05: My New Life, day 586

In our support group last month we talked about staying conscious while you’re eating – thinking before you eat – before anything goes into your mouth — always being aware of what, why, and when you’re eating. Nothing goes into your mouth without thinking about it and making a conscious decision to eat that bite of food. That’s the operative word — conscious. How much of our eating in the past has been unconscious? Grab a bag of chips and just keep shoveling them in as you watch TV or read a book. How often have you gotten to the end of a meal or snack, looked down at your plate, and thought, “It’s gone already,” or “I think that tasted pretty good, I’ll have to have some more and see,” or even “What did I just eat?”

Chapter 6. Don’t Let the Scale Rule Your Life

Yes, the scale is an important tool to determine your weight, but most of us know that it can take over our lives. You have to remember that the number on the scale does not always accurately reflect the changes that are going on in your body. Fluid levels change on an hourly and daily basis, an increase in muscle mass can add on weight, and bodies need time to adjust to rapid weight loss.

Chapter 10. Freaking Out

Maybe you’re no longer losing weight. Maybe you’re even gaining weight. That can happen after six months or after two, three, four, or more years. In fact, maybe you’re back to your starting weight. Don’t freak out!