Guest Posts

Invitation to guest authors

I’m always looking for way to enhance the value of the content in my blog and that includes being privileged to receive and publish posts by guest authors.

I  welcome your guest post submissions from my readers/commenters and my arrangements are very simple. In exchange for 2 -3 backlinks I expect a high quality article that my readers can benefit from.

Please note that this is not a commercial blog and no submissions made on behalf of a commercial client will be considered for publication.

Submission guidelines

(1)   All submissions must in English and accompanied by the URL for the guest author’s blog or site  and/or links to published articles written by them.

(2)   The submission must be relevant ie. focused on or related to  subject matter that’s already found in my blog.  Differences of opinion are welcome; posts will not be rejected on a difference of opinion alone.

(3)   The  submission must be original, new and unique, of reasonable length, and those including images and/or media must meet the requirements below:

  • Original – The blogger submitting a post must be the author of the post submitted.
  • New and Unique – Posts containing content previously published in digital or printed form anywhere else before will not be accepted for publication;
  • Reasonable length  – The minimum length is 200 words and maximum length is 1200 words;
  • Images Media – Images and media must be royalty free or used in accordance with their license.

Terms of agreement

(1)   The guest author and I both agree not to republish the same article in it’s entirety anywhere else either in digital or printed form.

(2)    I agree to provide a byline link from the guest author’s username to their blog.  Guest authors may link  to 1 – 2  relevant article(s) in their own blog in the guest post, and may also link to relevant authoritative posts in the niche.

  • No affiliation links allowed.
  • No  self-promotion allowed.

(3)   I agree not to edit for small and obvious typos, spelling errors, etc. and if I have any concerns about any part of the draft post I will discuss them with the guest author by email, prior to publication.

(4)   I  reserve the right to refuse to publish any submission for any reasons I deem relevant and will notify the author of my refusal to publish by email.


I do not provide Admin area access to my blog.    After you have emailed your guest post idea to me and received my confirmation of my interest in it,  you may submit a draft guest post to me at the same email address.