Get Me Off This Plateau!

When you hit a plateau…

In any weight loss program your body is going to hit plateaus – there’s no way around it. It needs time to adjust and readjust every now and then. Usually, even though you’re not losing weight, you are often still losing inches – things are reconfiguring. Are you taking measurements other than weight as you go? If not, I’d highly suggest it. If you’re not, then try on some different clothes to see if you can see or feel a difference even though the loss doesn’t show up on the scale. That can help keep you motivated.

Give your body a nudge

As to how to nudge your body off a plateau – one thing is to change up your exercise routine. If you’re doing a specific program, look for ways to change intensity or frequency or anything that makes your body react differently. Adding in something different can help. I know that every time I’ve changed up my exercise routine, or added in something new, I’ve dropped a few pounds without doing anything else differently.


The body gets used to what you’re doing exercise-wise. It settles in. Plus, since you’re losing, getting more toned, and in much better shape you’re probably not getting quite the same intense workout you were in the beginning. Your body isn’t being pushed in the same way.


Your body’s needs change
Also, as you lose weight your body doesn’t need quite as many calories as it did before – although hopefully you’re metabolism is getting a kick in the pants and increasing as you lose. But that might not be the case yet. Go through what you’re eating – keep a journal for a little while and see where a few extra calories may have crept in – or where you can subtract a few calories.


Sugar can throw off our metabolism
Are you eating anything that has sugar in it, especially refined sugar? Sugar can throw the losing process off balance. Especially if you eat anything sweet right after your workout – it can slow down or stop that metabolism boost your body gets from an intense workout.


So there are lots of little things to look at. But it may just come down to your body needing time to readjust. Don’t lose faith! You are doing so great. Don’t let the scale dictate to you how you’re doing or how you feel. What you’re doing is for the long term. But just know that some of this takes time and you just need to be persistent. Stay off the scale for a week. Truly. I know it’s hard to do. But just listen to and be aware of your body. Look for little changes. Notice what feels better or looks better. These are much better indicators of your success than a scale.


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