Advice from an Old-timer

 Words of advice from an old-timer

(well I’m not old, just an old-timer)

We all need reminders no matter where we are on the journey of weight loss or weight maintenance. I know that going back over basics helps keep me on track and avert problems. Here are a few things I learned over my 8 years since starting my journey.

  • Never get back into the diet mode and way of thinking. Just keep coming back to the rules and healthy lifestyle changes. You may need to reset your tastes every now and then to put a stop to an old eating habit that has slipped in. Use a 1 to 3-day protein shake fast (there are other types of fasts you could use also) to get back on track. But don’t try a new diet and start that whole yo-yo cycle again.
  • Don’t freak out if you have some little – or even big – slips along the way. The more you freak out the more likely you are to slip back into the downward spiral of freak out/hate self/eat/freak out/hate self/eat more etc. etc. Stay calm and keep going back to the healthy lifestyle changes you’ve made.
  • Trust and believe in yourself. Stop and tune into the strong, smart and capable person you know you are.  Trust in the fact that you’ve set new habits and these are habits you know you can live with. Look within for what works for you.
  • Always focus on your wins – how amazing you are and what you’ve accomplished – not on your imperfections and slips or pounds you’ve gained back or still want to lose. You are magnificent and have done magnificent things! Attitude and perspective are everything.
  • Never be afraid to reach out for help. Never be ashamed to admit if you’re floundering.  That’s the old you who would hide and be afraid to reach out. Use the resources and people at your bariatric program or support group. Therapy is good but I personally love life coaching – it’s more about problem solving and finding your strengths.
  • Keep searching for new ways to tweak your program/lifestyle and keep moving ahead and becoming more of the strong winner you are.

I’m sure there’s more – but those are the things that come to my mind right now. Remember it’s not always about what you are doing, but about who you are being. Take a moment right now and check in with yourself. Are you being the person you want to be? If not, what needs to happen for you to be that person?

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