Wheels help with some things

When first beginning to take up exercise there are so many choices. As pounds come off we may become ever more exuberant in our activity. Sometimes we learn the hard way that the stress of exercise, compounded by our weight, can lead to injury. Certain forms of exercise may be detrimental to our health due to the pounding or strain they place upon muscles, joints and bones. An injury may become a significant setback in our journey to lose weight as it decreases mobility.

Of course, it is safer to do things in a gym. You can run on a treadmill, use a stationary bicycle, run indoors, use the elliptical or maybe a UBE (upper body ergometer). Sooner or later though you crave the freedom and the feeling of the outdoors.

Pick up one of the most efficient transportation systems known to man, The Bicycle. Use half the energy of walking to travel the same distance. Cool!

And as long as you take up cycling with an attitude of safety first, you will have much less wear and tear on your body. Some pointers to help you purchase/fit/use your bicycle:

  • Select a bike that fits your current body type. Skinny tires and lightweight carbon frames are not the best match for bulk. The fat tires and burly frame of a mountain bike may be just the ticket at first.
  • Always, Always, wear a helmet. It’s a long way down for your noggin if you fall on a bike.
  • Ride safely and in control. Know your limits. Be an attentive and defensive cyclist.
  • Give yourself time to adjust to the bike. Fewer, shorter rides at first will help you adapt.
  • Get help with fitting your bike if this is not a new purchase. Bike geometry is very adjustable.
  • Maintain your bicycle. Simple things count. Tire pressure and chain lubrication first.
  • Learn more by socializing with other riders. Cyclists are inherently friendly and supportive.


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